Driver Of Modern Coast Bus That Burnt To Ashes Along Chavakali-Kapsabet Road Reveals What Happened

Earlier on today, a Modern Coast Bus caught fire at Chavakali and burnt to ashes on the middle of the highway but no one was injured on the accident.

There were no casualties reported in the accident that happened earlier on today as the bus burnt while hundreds of Kenyans watched in horror.

Mostly luggage burnt in the accident as the tens of millions of shillings of the bus was reduced to just a shell.

This evening, the bus driver has broken his silence and while speaking to Sikika Road Safety, he has revealed what led to the bus to burn to ashes.

The driver, identified as a Mr. Elly, said that there was a crash Infront of the road and he had to apply emergency brakes to the bus to avoid a disaster.

This is when one of the tyres burst and ignited the lower part of the vehicle which then spread to the entirety of the bus.

However, people were able to get out on time to avoid the catastrophy that would have led to a great loss of Kenyans.

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