Why DP Ruto’s Pointman Dennis Itumbi Abduction Saga Was Stage Managed By TangaTanga Outfits

Minutes after Deputy President William Samoei Ruto’s Pointman and the Hustler Nation chief blogger Dennis Itumbi went missing, all Tanga Tanga and United Democratic Alliance party outfits went on social media at the same time to protest about his abduction.

And in only four hours, they started to stream in photos from an imaginary hospital that Itumbi had been found alive and badly injured.

From the photos, they claimed that Itumbi’s eye was badly injured by the unknown people who abducted him, but internet DCI was quick to point out that how can you be injured then your blood is still fresh after four hours.

They also failed to give full details o where Itumbi was found, and in which hospital was he taken I’ll and by which people. The first mistake they did in this saga was to point out the number plate of the car that took Itumbi almost immediately he went missing.

They accused the state which doesn’t abduct anyone and released them back almost immediately.

This also comes only a few months after he Allegedly stage-managed his so-called assassination attempt to win sympathy and avert a possible real threat.

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