Even WILLIAM KABOGO is opposed to MOSES KURIA’s plan of closing CHINA SQUARE

Monday, February 27, 2023 – Former Kiambu County Governor, William Kabogo, has joined millions of Kenyans in opposing Trade and Investment Cabinet Secretary, Moses Kuria’s decision to close China Square supermarket over what he termed as bringing unfair competition in the country.

The supermarket which is owned by Mr. Lieng Cheng is accused of selling goods at throw-away prices.

Kabogo, in his argument, said Kenya is a capitalist economy and it is wrong for the CS to close a business for selling goods at cheap prices to consumers.

The ex-governor said he visited the supermarket and bought a cabro brush at Sh 400, which in Gikomba was selling at Sh 950.

Kenya is a capitalist economy, we can’t close China square at the pretense of protecting local retailers, in other words, Kenyans buy commodities at expensive prices, who should we protect more? I purchased a cabro brush at CS at Ksh.400 which at Gikomba is Ksh.950. Who is fooling who?,” Kabogo asked.

The supermarket, however, remained closed from Sunday after Kuria threatened to order the forceful deportation of Mr. Lei Cheng.


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