“I thank God for giving me the wisdom to give my tithe to those in need” – Socialite reacts after popular pastor showed off his luxurious mansion (VIDEO)

Monday, February 26, 2023 – A Ugandan socialite, Sarajoy Bakanansa, and many netizens have reacted after a popular pastor, Aloysius Bugingo and his wife, Susan Makula, unveiled their luxurious new mansion.

Pastor Bulingo of the House of Prayers Ministries International in Kampala, started building the country home a few years ago. This was at the heat of his divorce from ex-wife, Teddy Naluswa, with whom he had been with for 21 years.

Many accused Bugingo of diverting the money he has been asking from his flock for construction of a personal home.

Taking to her Facebook page on Sunday, February 26, Sarajoy Bakanansa said she would never use her money to enrich pastors living lavish lifestyles.

“Today is a Sunday and I know many Ugandans go and worship, some are thanking God, others are praying for miracles,” she wrote.

“When I saw this mansion and also looked at the place where the worshippers pray from. I thanked God for giving me the wisdom to give my tithe to my mother and those in need. At least I get genuine prayers and God has multipled me beyond my imagination.

“Yes, the Bible says take your tithe to the house of God. My mum is my prayer warrior so definitely her praying room is the house of God. Where do you pay your tithe? I refused to enrich any pastor who will never genuinely intercede for me before God but resort to living a lavish lifestyle and with a fleet of cars.”

Watch the video below

WATCH: Pastor Bujingo and Suzan Bujingo fully completed country home in Namayumba.

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— MBU (@MBU) February 23, 2023

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