“Fake Hustler” See The Whooping Cost Of Dp Ruto’s Phone And Specifications

Deputy President William Ruto is one of the top contenders for the upcoming presidential elections in 2022 and one of the country’s richest politicians.

Much of their wealth comes from their multi-million dollar business empires such as poultry, dairy farming, tea factories and five-star hotels in cities across the country.

Ruto uses one of the most expensive telephones in the country. A photo from his phone appeared online at some point while he was presiding over a political meeting in the Nakuru country with political leaders from the western region.

The Vice President uses a Samsung Z Fold phone. The price of the phone is currently around Ksh. 210,000 This is one of the best Samsung phones.The best thing about this phone is that you can use it like a regular phone or tablet at the same time.

See Samsung Z Fold phone specifications below.

Truly deputy president is a millionaire guy? What is your opinion?

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