RIP: Police Officer Dies After A Deadly Fight Between Two Armed With Swords

Reports of a police officer who died after a deadly fight between him and a civilian man emerged online leading to a somber mood.

According to the source, the incident was reported at Lokori police station, Turkana East Sub-county in Turkana county by one chief Lucas Ngirega of Lokori location.

Reports indicated that a civilian man by the name Lowana Oyan age 22years was having a serious fight a 28 years old man named as Kacheela Eiton. Oyan had been fatally injured.

Leading information from members of the public, police officers lead by DCI from Turkana rushed to the scene to neutralize the situation. Upon arrival there, they found that the 28 years old man had locked himself into the house and he was carrying a sword.

He was ordered to come out but insisted and came out ready to engage police officers using his sword. In the process of subduing him, he fires from his Ak47 two bullets.

One of the bullets accidentally hit officer Joseph at Euro on his left leg while the other hit officer Kipchumba Hosea on the arm. They were rushed to Turkan hospital where Rutto was admitted while his colleague officer Kipchumba passed away while receiving treatment.

The suspects were later arrested and taken to the police station awaiting to reign to court. May his soul rest in external peace.

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