Form 3 Student Reportedly Hammered a 4 Inch Nail Into Principals Head Over Fee Balance Quarrel

Horror witnessed in Ainamoi Secondary School and its vicinity in Kericho county when the School principal was Injured by a student. It was reported that the Boy was sent home to complete fees arrears as usual before he camouflaged.

The boy took his heels when he realized his mistake after the principal began bleeding. The scene goes beyond normal circumstance to hear such cases in schools and any other public institution. Actually, the principal was exercising his role and Powers over his subjects.

Notorious boy turned over his animosity and hit principal on the Head, leaving terrible injury. However, the school was left in chaos and confusion after the Crisis.

The police officers of Ainamoi reported to the scene and witnessed the incident. Consequently, they began investigation and are currently under patrol searching for that criminal student.

The principal Received First aid and taken to a nearby Health.

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