He Committed Suicide And Left Behind Phone Pattern And Mpesa Pin Details

With yesterday being mental health day, many people came out to talk about those people who undergo through harsh experience hence being compelled to committing suicide. In the recent months cases of suicide have been on the rise with many youths falling victim.
Residents of Kilukumi area woke up to a surprising scene in one of the neighborhoods. Apparently one man identified as Richard Munene who was well known by many residents had committed suicide. Just like any other individual he left behind his death wish in a suicide note that was found in his house.
According to neighbors the man locked himself up in his house before committing suicide something the neighbors didn’t realize earlier. In his suicide note, the man bid goodbye and made a request in writing that his goats that he reared be given to his nephew and also in the suicide note he left behind his phone security pattern something which is uncommon, with an M-pesa pin. However, the cause of his death is still unknown since he didn’t indicate.

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