“I Won’t Quit Nor Surrender” William Ruto Responds To President Uhuru Kenyatta Latest Remarks

Can’t resign, won’t resign, deputy president William Ruto tells off President Uhuru Kenyatta over his utterance that he should ship out. “I have offended them, but I am sorry I have no space to retreat and I don’t have the luxury of surrendering. I’m matching forward because we want to transform this nation”, he said.

The head of state recently in his state interview with media editors called his deputy accusing him of criticizing the government that he is supposed to serve diligently. “If you’re not happy just step aside and leave those who want to remain be”, the president said.

The UHURUTO bare-knuckle appears to have just begun. The president who opened fire now has his allies threatening to impeach the deputy president William Ruto and get him off the track. DP Ruto and President Kenyatta’s allies are clashing over the push to have Ruto out of government.
4 Ruto allies say that he has been mistreated in government since the handshake with the ODM leader Raila Odinga. In addition, Ruto has equally dismissed the push to revive the BBI process which the president said was part of his legacy in uniting the country.

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