“No One Should Be Forced To Take The Covid-19 Jab,” President Uhuru Kenyatta Directs

The new Presidential directive comes just a day after the expiry of the August 23rd deadline when all state officers were required to get the covid-19 jab. He has said that no one should be forced to take the covid-19 jab and cites that the reopening of the economy will largely be dependent on the uptake of covid-19 vaccines amongst the population.

This comes as a relief to civil servants who flocked the public facilities on Monday with the hope to meet the deadline. This was in line with the directive by the head of public service that would later see the unvaccinated public servants face disciplinary actions. However, it is still unclear or not whether a disciplinary action would be met on those who have not yet taken the covid-19 jab, as the matter is expected to be decided in a court of law after an advocate in Nakuru moved to the courts, hoping for interpretation on how a medical issue could become a labor matter.

The push by the government to have everyone vaccinated comes at a time when various counties are recording a surge in covid-19 infections.

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