If You Don’t Have Money, Don’t Go To UON Because Of The Following

There has been an uproar online following the increment of fees to almost triple the normal school fees which students at the University of Nairobi used to pay. This came about as a move by the Nairobi University Vice-Chancellor to do amendments at the institutions.

Many students have been found on the unlucky side considering that initially, the fee was affordable but right now things are different.

The Student Union threatened to go on a strike to detest the move by the University to increase school fees and even went further to reshuffle departments and even merge some other departments. The VC has sent a warning to any student body planning to strike, promising them that it will end before it started.

Following the fee hike, there has been a low turn up for the new admissions and equally many parents are shunning away from the institution. For instance, the accommodation fee has increased to 7 times the normal fee.

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