Instagram drama as Singer willy Paul shares reason why he left going to the gymnast

On July 1, 2021 willy Paul realized Size 8 had blocked him on social media platforms for no serious reason. The two are known to have been working together in the music industry when singer willy Paul was still doing gospel music. The two had done one great gospel collaboration that sincerely performed well.

Willy Paul decided to share with the public how it is never cool to block someone on social media for no good reason. He eventually got a reply from DJ Mo that left Netizens wondering what might be happening behind the curtains.

After noticing a reply from DJ MO who written “Nitakufinya”, a slang that has been trending for some days online. Willy Paul went on and shared a screenshot on his page immediately before it went viral online. On the screenshot, he captioned, “Sasa huyu mtu tunaulizana nini? Kama mbaya mbaya, ukweli usemwe tu. Mambo yangu na Size 8 wachana nayo. Wewe ambia serekali ikupatie kazi”.

Even after the drama, DJ MO continuously shared the phrase “Nitakufinya” a Swahili word that means I’ll punish you.

Later today, willy Paul shared a picture showing his biceps and captioned, “I stopped going to the gym coz nilijua kuna washamba nitaua tu. And coz sikutaka kwenda jela ama kuwa kwa ngori nikawacha gym. But naskia kuna kimtu flani kimesema KITANIFINYA na kika sema kimenipea last warning!! Please let the person know that mimi nimekunywa damu ya paka na mmbwa pamoja na nika kula roho ya Simba!!!”. A threat seem to targeting Dj Mo.

Meanwhile, the online family has tamed it as an attention-seeking spree for shortcoming music collaboration.

Kenyans have in the past been feed with fake information by musicians whenever there is a new song looming. An example of such a fraudster is Otile Brown. He once created a fake breakup with Vera Sidika and was shared online for their fans to keep track on their social platforms just to release a song at the end.

Here are some reactions by Netizens;

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