Is Economics And Statistics Marketable In Kenya?

This article will help you if you are still undecided about taking an economics degree course in Kenya.

Is Economics marketable In Kenya?

I cannot say that I have good news in terms of the course prospects in Kenya because there are tons of graduates who have pursued the course in Kenya who are yet unemployed.

The problem is mainly caused by the death of economic jobs in Kenya. Very few organizations hire economists in Kenya outside the government and a few international consultancies.

In fact, most of those hired with the course end up working in different areas such as in banks as tellers, in sales positions in various companies, and other diverse areas.

What Else Can I Do With An Economics Degree In Kenya?

Economists mainly deal with optimizing how goods and services are produced and distributed. They, therefore, work towards establishing optimal production and distribution systems that help achieve maximum return on investment for businesses, governments, private investors, and many more.

Functions Of An Economist

  • Conducts research.
  • Prepares reports on findings.
  • Collects and processes economic and statistical data using sampling techniques and econometric methods.
  • Studies and analyses economic issues such as consumer demand and sales to help a company maximize its profits.

Having said that, those taking the course should consider enrolling for renowned certifications such as CPA, CFA, and CIFA.


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