Drama As 45-year-Old Man Threatens to Cancel His Wedding Because Of This

A 45-year-old man has chosen to humiliate his wife to be by requesting that they exchange phones and all gadgets of communication for one week before their wedding day. The couples who remain anonymous are yet to tie the knot

Unfortunately, the bride-to-be is stressed and is seeking help from professionals. She admits to having flirted with several men and has had multiple lovers before meeting the 45-year-old groom.

She fears exchanging her phone with the groom because wedding maybe postponed due to cases of infidelity.


The groom went ahead to threaten that incase the girl deleted anything he would trace the chats since he works with one of the communications agency.

The distraught  28 year old woman is lost in thoughts and doesnt seem to agree to the said condition yet she fears for her wedding.

Biblically, Marriage Is an institution Ordained by, God. However, some people use it to humiliate others.No one is an angel except for God.

Dear reader, what’s your take on this?

SOURCE: Sidehustle 24/Facebook account

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