Jubilee-ODM Coalition Meeting In Naivasha Temporarily Stopped After MP Junet Did This (Video)

President Uhuru Kenyatta and Orange Democratic Movement party leader’s Jubilee-ODM coalition meeting in Naivasha county was temporarily put to a stop after Raila’s right-hand man and the Suna East Member of Parliament Hon. Junet Mohamed requested a song that cites that a hyena has put on sheep clothes to be played while referring to leaders who are always making their way into churches but have no good intentions for the country.

Hon. Junet Mohammed further lauded the former prime minister for putting into consideration the well-being of Kenyan citizens his number one priority ever since, which once led to his arrest and detention for more than nine years without trial but still pushed for the multipartyism that we are currently enjoying.

He also requested Kenyans to be on high looks with the kind of leaders they will be electing come August 2022 general election citing that they will be fully responsible for their mistakes for the next five years.

He finalized his statement by alluding that the Building Bridges Initiative reggae will return this Friday as they are sure that the judges will rule in the favour of the document.

Source: Nation

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