“Jubilee Party Has Really Harassed The People Who Put Them In Power,” DP Ruto’s Ally Reveals

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s jubilee party has once again been accused of having been fond of harassing it’s party member who claimes to have made sure they are in power today by section of Deptuty President William Ruto’s allays.

Lead by Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua while he was responding to some of the questions raised during an interview at #TheTackle show hosted by Gerald Bitok, Honarable Gachagu related the jubilee administration to a story he was once narrated to by his grandmother about the hair and the hyena, where the hair would cheat the hyena that they both go home and beat their wives, and as the hyena would be busy beating his wife the hair would busy beating a drum. Gachagua also revealed that jubilee really punished his people citing that if they could not remove you from a position they take you to either DCI, Courts or to EACC for probing.

The vocal Tanga Tanga MP has also cited that the jubilee party really harassed the deputy president William Ruto and close allays and termed it as so brutal and merciless party.

Responding to a question about DP Ruto being axed from the ruling party as was recently claimed by jubilee party vice chairman David Murathe, Gachagua said that nothing will happen and castigated that it’s only one year to the next general election and nobody cares, he compare the jubilee party to the ancient KANU which at one point chased People out of the party until there were more people outside the party than the ones inside the party, admits President Uhuru controls the party.


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