Kangogo: This Is What Was Found In The Maize Farm Raising More Speculations Whether Carol Was Killed

It was a dramatic end for the Nakuru based Corporal Caroline Kangogo after her body was found dead in her parents homestead, inside the bathroom. This was after eleven days of search by the security agencies following murder incidents of two men.

Kangogo’s parents lived in anxiety hoping that their daughter would one day show up. Unfortunately, their worst nightmare happened yesterday after they found the lifeless body of their daughter inside the bathroom. It has been revealed that her mother who is identified as Mrs Leah Kangogo was the first person to see her daughter dead inside their bathroom in the homestead. It was alleged that Caroline Kangogo committed suicide by shooting herself using a Ceska gun.

However, the suspected suicide incident has raised many questions alleging that Kangogo may have been murdered and her body dragged to her parent’s bathroom.

It has emerged that nobody at home heard the gunshot despite the fact that the Ceska pistol did not have a silencer. Additionally, it is cited that there was no screams in the bathroom as Kangogo allegedly shot herself.

Details have released that there were numerous footprints which were spotted in the maize farm of the late Caroline Kangogo’s family. It has emerged that the footprints indicated movements within the family’s homestead. This revelation has raised more speculations as to whether the body of Kangogo was brought into the family’s compound after she had been killed.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives are however carry out investigation to determine whether Kangogo committed suicide as details emerge that it is suspected that she may have been killed elsewhere and the body dumped inside the parent’s bathroom. The detectives also say that parents were supposed to hear the gunshot since the bathroom is only 40 meters from the family house.

The police commander of Elgeyo Marakwet County Patrick Lumumba also revealed that the mobile phone which was left by Caroline Kangogo did not have a Sim Card and therefore the detectives do not have a may of making follow up on who Kangogo may have been communicating with when she went missing after the killing of Ogweno and Peter Ndwiga.

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