Kenyans Take To The Streets Over Hiked Fuel Prices

The announcement over the new fuel prices has met opposition from all sides of the country with motorists registering their disappointments, considering that many were expecting the government to lower prices instead of increasing. For the record, this is the highest fuel prices to ever be witnessed in the Kenyan economy.

However, many motorists in the country have decided to join hands and protest the hike in fuel prices. In Homabay, the motorists joined their fellows on the streets with many complaining of the government oppressing its citizens through high taxes and overpricing.

Equally in Nairobi, Thika road was impassable for 30 minutes at one as motorists decided to join hands in the protests.

The situation was the same in major towns in the country as motorists stopped in the middle of the road in a solidarity protest for the government to lower fuel prices.

Equally politicians and those political aspirants have condemned the move by the government in which many were seen calling on the government to consider the low level citizens who struggle in poverty.

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