This Is What Raila Said About The Current Hike In Fuel Prices

Kenya is currently in a state of shock as many Kenyans continue to register their own disappointments over fuel prices. It is barely 3 months since the prices were hiked and just when Kenyans were expecting some changes another blow has landed.

The current fuel prices has shot by close to 8 shillings, the highest ever in Kenya since independence.

This is all happening despite the current hard economic times as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. This has raised uproar online with Kenyans complaining of the move to increase the fuel prices, others even threatening to demonstrate for a decrease in the fuel prices.

This equally has caught the attention of the ODM leader Raila Amollo Odinga who condemned the move by the government to hike fuel prices.

He was quoted saying” Kenyan who have been struggling to put food on the table since the onset of the pandemic now stand to have their collective plight worsened by the increased fuel prices. The prices should be lowered immediately to cushion the ordinary wananchi”, he said.

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