Kisii Gospel Musician Embarambamba Introduces New Dancing Style In Dry Place Called ‘Carry Shushu Dance’

Embarambamba the most dramatic Kisii artist of our time. He is a musician without limits in his style of singing. A new wave of energy in latest productions has left many hunting for Embarambamba biography details.

The comic relief that comes with Embarambamba music continues to spark mixed reactions from Kenyans. Even so, supporters love Embarambamba songs for their humorous content and unimaginable dance moves.

In his latest stunt video which has gone viral, the now flamboyant kisii musician has introduced a new style of play on a dry grounds called ‘carry shushu dance’ unlike his previous performances where he used to dance on muddy grounds and even in farms.

In the video, Embarambamba is seen running round the podium unplugging grace from the ground, jumping on top of trees and most funnily carrying an elderly woman on his shoulder runs away with her as he continue with his crazy moves.

The Gospel Singer Chris Embarambamba is now famous for his baffling dance moves. He is now a conversation starter at the national level, where his new gems are circulating.

Embarambamba who is 33 years as of 2021. The star singer was born on February 1, 1988. Chris celebrated his 33rd birthday in the company of fans and family.


Dear readers what is your opinion concerning the crazy dances by this noble kisii Gospel artist?

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