Man Escapes Death By A Whisker For Jumping Off A Building Naked To Escape Arrest

Didmus Mong’are is currently admitted at Mama Lucy hospital after he is reported to have jumped off from a building’s third floor to escape the police.

He is reported to have jumped off from his balcony at the Amani apartment in Embakasi.

According to the Police, the suspect who jumped off the building was suspected to have been involved in a criminal act involving obtaining money by pretense from another Kenyan.

The officers who showed up at his apartment at 10 am found him naked. He opted to go back inside to dress up but that was his escape plan.

He is reported to have been seriously injured since both limbs fractured.

Police are currently waiting for him to recover so that he can be taken to the court of law to answer criminal charges against him over obtaining money by pretense.

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