MARTHA KARUA dares Inspector General JAPHET KOOME to arrest her during demos if he is man enough – Look!

Monday, March 27, 2023 – NARC-Kenya Leader Martha Karua has told off police Inspector General Japhet Koome over his decree that the planned protests by Azimio la Umoja are illegal.

Speaking during a church service at the Jesus Teaching Ministry yesterday, Karua rallied Kenyans to turn out in large numbers for today’s protests since they are protected by the law.  

“No harm shall befall any of us or demonstrators. We are going to march peacefully as our constitution says and we shall not entertain any message meant to set us back,” she said.  

While addressing IG Koome, Karua said that it is not the mandate of the police to grant permission for demonstrations. 

“You will follow the constitution like we do. The constitution does not say we ask for permission to demonstrate, it says we give a notice,” Karua said. 

 “We have not asked you for permission, the permission is protected by the constitution. Stop disturbing our peaceful protests. If you cause unrest, you will be cursed,” she added. 

The Narc-Kenya party leader went ahead to dare the IG to arrest her during protests if at all the demonstrations are illegal. 

“You have said that you can handcuff us tomorrow, come handcuff me. Tomorrow will be your day to handcuff me without any mistake. But your day will come, where you will be handcuffed for your mistakes. You will be punished according to the constitution,” Karua said, adding that she overcame threats from the Moi regime, and will not be cowed today. 


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