Most Marketable Courses In Kenya 2021

Kenya is one of the top-ranked economies in terms of how it is easy to do business. Due to its favourable ranking, investors and companies are moves to Kenya to seek the requirement of skilled professionals.

Most people who join institutions of higher learning think that all courses are equal. But that’s, not the case some fields that were once popular are not in demand in the job market nowadays, due to technological advancements or the number of graduates being higher than the available positions.

Kenya is creating a more favourable environment for doing business, there are many opportunities that are coming up that one needs to take into considerations.

Marketable Courses In Kenya In 2021

Digital Marketing

Kenyan companies have embraced the digital space, thanks to the high internet access in Kenya.

It is marketable in Kenya because most companies have shown huge interest in fully going digital as far as marketing is concerned. Also digital marketing has made it free to market from all over the world hence any business can venture in this form of marketing.


Some of the key engineering courses are;

  • Civil Engineering
  • Structural Engineerin.

Information Technology and Computer Science

Some of the most marketable degree and diploma  courses under this category are; Computer Science, Information Technology, Programming Languages

Natural Resource Management

Performing Arts and Music Studies

Some of the top degree courses are;

  • Music Studies
  • Performing Arts
  • Film and Animation

Hospitality Courses

It is a diverse niche with many different courses. These course include;

  • Hotel Management
  • Travel and Tourism Management
  • Food Production
  • Tour Operations

Fashion and Design

Cyber Security

These are the most marketable ciurses in Kenya in 2021, based on the growing economy and the availability of professionals.

Inaddition the choice of the institution may vary from one person to another and hence doing a background check on the choice of college or university is vital.

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