The Best 10 Most Marketable Certificate Courses You Don’t Want To Miss

It is quite very obvious that each and every individual is always looking at the greater side of success, which is getting excellent grade that will enable one to go to the best higher learning institution. Despite that, one further looks forward to getting enrolled to most marketable course that will in turn yield much success. However, not every student who sits for KCSE ends up in universities. Unlike the situation on the ground, when a student fails to qualify for university, he/she always disregards anything that comes on his or her way.

However, KMTC has got your interest at hear. There are course that you can pursue and still get a job and make it in life. Here is the list of courses that are marketable in KMTC:
1. Health records IT
2. Environmental health
3. Orthopedic Trauma Medicine
4. Nursing
5. Medical engineering
6. Health promotion for the deaf
7. Community nutrition
8. Community health nursing
9. Nutrition and dietetics
10. Psychiatric Nursing
For more information, check on the KMTC website for entry requirements and eligibility.

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