Nairobi lady stabbed after being tricked by a man she met on Facebook to attend a party in Meru – Is he a serial killer on a mission? (READ).

Friday, 24 February 2023 – What started as a simple Hi, Facebook message and graduated to a passionate exchange of flattery, love memes, and sweet nothings ended in premium tears for two city babes after the man on messenger turned out to be a dangerous village casanova.

The burgeoning relationship built on quicksand between a man only identified as Patoo based in Meru and a city girl identified as Sylvia came tumbling down like a house of cards when a promise for a house party culminating in a happy ending left Sylvia in hospital nursing a life-threatening injury and a broken heart.

Sylvia had travelled to Meru from Nairobi on Tuesday evening, to meet a man she had met on Facebook, for a party. The man had requested her to tag along a bestie ‘for his friend’ as is typical of young men in a hunting spree.

At 6 pm Tuesday, Sylvia and her bestie Jackie boarded a Meru-bound shuttle along Accra road and set off for the 4-hour journey giggling and teeming with excitement. 

Along the way, they chatted animatedly and laughed their hearts out as they anticipated a night of pure bliss and niceness in Meru town.

On arrival in Meru, Patoo asked them to board another matatu headed to Maua, a further 58 kilometers, and alight at a nondescript bus stop known as kwa Amos. None of them had ever been there. They had only heard of Maua in jaba stories. 

The girls who were all dressed up for a party became skeptical as it grew darker and scary but love won and they continued with their journey. The matatu roared noisily as it negotiated bends and ate hills like yams towards Maua the epicentre of Miraa trade, overlooking the Nyambene hills. 

It was way past midnight when the matatu conductor suddenly banged the roof of the beast and announced …Aari kwa Amos tugukinya! 

The two girls exhausted, hungry and with disappointment registered all over their faces alighted at kwa Amos and met an eager Patoo waiting for them with relish.

After vehemently apologising for the sudden change of the party venue, Patoo led them to a dark path which he said would lead to their final rendezvous. But the city babes who had never experienced such darkness in their lives started screaming ghaiii! ghaiiiii! wuuuui! wuuuuui! tusaidieni! as they took flight towards the main road. 

Patoo immediately reached for a knife and stabbed Sylvia on her shoulder before fleeing into darkness. 

A Good Samaritan who was walking home came to their rescue and took Sylvia to Muthara to hospital for treatment. She was later transferred to Meru Teaching and Referral hospital for specialised treatment. 

Police based in Maua have since launched a manhunt for the suspect.


The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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