Not Again, One Indian Man Losses 200 Million In Gold Fraud Involving A Kenyan And A Guinea Bissau Citizen

According to the Directorate of Criminal investigation (DCI) who busted the saga, an investor based in India is counting losses after being defrauded close to 200 million Kenya shillings in a fake Gold deal involving a fraudster of Guinea Origin and a Kenyan.

The fraudster who braces himself as a Gold dealer obtained $1, 780, 000 from Malian Sanjay, based in Mumbai, India on the pretext that he was to sell to him 44.45 kgs of Gold.

The gold was to be shipped from Guinea Bissa u, via Kigali before being transported from the JKIA to India.

However, once the purported Gold arrived at JKIA, the business man received a call from a Kenyan purporting to be a Kenya Revenue officer identified as Hezbon Nyabola.

Nyabola said that his consignment was stuck at the airport and he needed to clear with the customs department for clearance. Sanjay acted with immediate effect and sent the money $26, 700.

However, the transportation was not to happen as the detectives at the JKIA had to act and what they found out left many in shock. Was purported to be gold was found out to be well arranged stones instead of Gold.

According to the DCI, Hezbon is currently in police custody, pending court arraignment for obtaining money by false pretense.

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