“Ogopa Ukambani” When You Take Someone’s Wife In Ukambani Then The Husband’s Sets Up A Revenge.

It’s unbelievable how it happened.

A middle aged man is receiving treatment in mwingi level IV hospital after an incident in which a snake fell on him from an eagle.

The man was driving a Kitui county government vehicle when the reptile fell off the eagle’s claws and landed on him.


He was bitten by the snake but before people killed the snake, it was quickly ruptured again by the eagle. Unbelievable but true.

It happens eagles eat snakes or crawlies and sometimes they pick heavy roadkill and drop it so this just could still be a coincidence.

By this happening in Ukambani, you’ll know it must be translated to a juju power or something else. This picture sets a question that i wish you drop your answer in the comments section bellow.



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