One Person Feared Dead in a Fuel Tanker Explosion While Refilling a Petrol Station

One person is reported to have died after a vehicle carrying petrol exploded while refilling petrol in Kamukunji estate in Eldoret.

This happened when the vehicle came to refill the petrol in a certain petrol station. According to the eye witness, the tank exploded after almost finishing the refilling process burning the nearby shops.

The driver of the vehicle was quick to jump out of the vehicle and was left with minor injuries. The person who is reported to have succumbed due to burns was just nearby the petrol station.

One of the eye witness said the fire spreaded so far fast and the shop owners were not able to rescue anything but ran for their lives. People were astonished how the fire within few minutes burnt everything in that surrounding area.

Cases of petrol explosions have been rampant. Recently the petrol explosion also happened in Kisumu county killing more than 10 people. The government has been issuing warnings towards the stealing of petrol from petrol transporting vehicles.

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