Panic As Musician Akothee’s Health Condition Is Seemingly Worsening, Posts Photos In Hospital Bed

Musician Akothee has been in hospital since yesterday and according to the photos she was posting you could tell that she was not feeling so well.

The artist was being induced with some drugs and it also seemed that her body needed enough water. You could see doctors and nurses moving in and out of her room where she was lying and they were hurrying up to give her some water though drip method.

Akothee posted a photo sitting on a patient’s chair and she was seemingly too weak to stand by herself. The artist has not yet revealed the condition that is affecting her health badly and for now people are in panic mode.

Hours ago, she posted a photo lying in bed and judging from the setup you could tell that it might be something critical. We really hope that she will get better since we need to see her continuing with her daily projects. Quick recovery madam boss.

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