Police In A Manhunt For A 40 Year Old Man Who Defiled A Five Year Old Minor In Makueni County

Residents of Kilia Village if Kilia village in Mukaa, Makueni county received a shock of their lives when news of a 40 year old man, Peter Nzinzi Musyoka who defiled a 15 year old girl in a nearby thicket. It is reported that the man defiled the 5 year old girl who was on her way to collect milk when she was pounced on by this man.

He then gave her 15 shillings in return of buying her silence after doing the heinous act. However, the girl who reported the case to her mother was rushed to Kilungu level 4 hospital by her distressed mother who couldn’t believe what actually transpired on her young innocent daughter. Immediately a manhunt for the suspect was started and is currently underway with the police offices from the DCI department working beyond the clock to catch up with the criminal.

Should you have any information on the criminal please don’t hesitate to forward the information to the DCI via toll free line 0800722203

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