Police In Ruiru Have Early Today Gunned Down An Armed Robber In a Fierce Shootout

In their bid to suppress crime and enhance security for Kiambu County residents, police in Ruiru have early today gunned down an armed robber in a fierce shootout.

The deadly confrontation ensued minutes after police on patrol responded to a distress call from two victims of a

violent robbery, who were robbed of valuables and motor vehicle as they parked at Geo Lucky Apartment in Ruiru’s Kihunguro area.

Accosted by a two-man gang at around 3.40am, the male victim and his girlfriend had been robbed of three Samsung mobile phones make A71, S7 and S9, before the criminals drove away with his new Toyota Allion. They had shot severally in the air as they escaped, to the scare of the neighbourhood.

Luckily, agile police officers on patrol heard the shots and sped to the scene immediately. On gathering the crux of the robbery, they made chase of the gang who had disappeared to an unknown route.

After minutes of relentless pursuit, the officers intercepted two suspicious men carrying a sack. Upon being challenged to stop, one of the men brandished a mini ceska and started firing indiscriminately at the officers as his accomplice beetled off.

In their defense, the officers responded as such, tactically and fatally silencing the lone gunman.

A mini ceska loaded with 7 live rounds, assorted motor vehicle parts stashed in the sack and a mobile phone were recovered at the scene.

Further search around Kihunguro’s Gorofa Chafu area led to the recovery of a vandalized Toyota Allion, the one earlier stolen from the victims.

This incident comes barely two days after another armed criminal gang of three was gunned down in Githurai 45, hours after stealing a parked vehicle in Saika-Kayole.

Pursuit of the suspects who escaped in both incidents is still ongoing, as further investigations continue.

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