Triple5bet’s Supa 15 Jackpot! It is Possible to Turn Your 15 Bob Into Ksh 15M

Life is really a gamble. Today you are as broke as a pauper and tomorrow you are making newspaper headlines as the newest millionaire in town.

Of course you have to do something for that to happen. This is why you should Triple5bet’s mouthwatering Supa 15 Jackpot which gives you a chance to turn your 15 bob into Ksh 15 million. And all this within 24 hours, as you only have to predict the outcome of matches played in one day.

Betting on this Jackpot is super easy. All you have to do is ensure you have at least Ksh 15 bob in Your Triple5bet account.
You then head to the daily Jackpot section where you will find 15 pre-selected games for the day. Here you will have to make your selection on the outcome of each of the pre-selected matches (Home Win, Draw or Away Win).

Of course friends at Triple5bet are so considerate because they know some people may not have access to a smartphone or data, so they also have an sms option for Supa 15 Jackpot.

SMS “SUPA” followed by 15 predictions to 29255. E.g SUPA#1X21X21X21X21X2. You will get a confirmation SMS for your bet, with the possible SUPA 15 Jackpot win once the bet is placed.

We also know that there are those people who were born extremely lucky and that is why there is an option for an auto bet.

For this option, you click auto selection and the computer will select a random outcome for all the 15 games. To place an auto bet manually, SMS “SUPA15#?” to 29255 and the system will randomly select 15 possible outcomes for you.
Triple5bet offers handsome bonuses for 13 and 14 correct predictions.

Triple5bet has mouthwatering bonuses for both new and existing customers. New customers get 100% bonus on their first deposit.

All you have to do is to open a new account at, deposit and stake any amount from Ksh 50 to Ksh 5000 and claim your 100%.

All existing customers also get a 50% bonus on their first stake of the day. These guys really know how to take care of their customers.

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