Raphael Tuju’s PRESS SUMMARY After Being Mentioned In An IEBC Submission To The Supreme Court By Chebukati

Tuju Confirms that; He was at the Bomas of Kenya several times & the meeting they claimed took place at 3am actually took place at 4am. He tried to get audience with Chebukati after it was apparent Prof. Guliye couldn’t address the issues that he had brought up with him.

He received intelligence from one of the IEBC official who was complaining that some of the form 34A’s were being brought down and were being replaced by other form 34A’s. The official was threatened by Mr. Marjan when he brought it up with him.

Claims that he tried to access the Chairman but was physically blocked by Senior Police Officer Samuel Arap Kimeu. He had concerns when Chebukati made a ruling that all returning officers must see him first before the papers are verified on the floor.

Now, Tuju wants Chebukati to explain to him and to Kenyans what the discussion was about when he came to a secret location to meet him in Karen.

He asks Chebukati to be honest enough to tell Kenyans what he was discussing with UDA officials Nanok and Veronica Maina as soon as their finished the 4AM meeting.

He want Prof. Gulliye and Molu to explain what they came to do in his house. He will expose the CCTV cameras at his house if needed so & the world to judge.

Weeeh! For sure, Accusations and counter accusations have dominated the general election process. It is evident that the IEBC is not competent enough to hold free, fair and verifiable elections. As such Nullify elections, disband IEBC Arrest, Prosecute and jail these commissioners. Period.

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