See How to register a self-help group in Kenya, step by step

Political leaders especially towards elections have always piled pressure on the youth to form self-help groups to help them acquire funds in terms of loans and grants; search come in handy at a time when many youths are unemployed and in some cases illiterate.

The question is, does the youth know how to form and register a self-help group with the government in Kenya?

Here a few steps on how to register a self-help group in Kenya;

  1.  Get a minimum of 10 members
  2.  Draft the group constitution – the constitution is the group’s guide,it identifies the group mission, goals and objectives
  3.  Hold a meeting seeking registration and electing group officials; the three main leaders are the chairperson, secretary and treasurer. These leaders are accountable for the group and their roles should be well defined in the constitution.
  4. Register with the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection. You can apply at the sub-County Labour and Social Protection offices, Sub-county Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs Offices or Huduma Centre to make an application. Fill the registration form provided. The following should be attached to the registration form; group constitution, minutes of the meeting seeking registration and showing elected officials, list indicating all members’ names, position in the group, National Identity Card number and signature and copies of national identity cards of all members.
  5. Payment of registration fee – Pay the Ksh 1000 registration fee and apply at either the office of the Sub-county Social Protection Officer or Huduma Centre
  6.  Obtaining of the certificate – Registration is approved within 5 working days and a certificate issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection Office

Membership cards go for Ksh30 per head.

The certificate is renewed annually at a fee of Ksh 100.


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