Several Injured As Building Collapses In Kisumu

A two storey building which was under construction in Kisumu, Mamboleo area is reportedly to have collapsed leaving a good number of workers on site injured. According to reports, seven people who were on site have been taken to the nearest hospital in critical states. Amongst those injured is a woman who was serving them lunch
According to one construction worker who survived the whole ordeal, he describes the incident to have happened in just a flash. No one was expecting it hence there was very minimal time for escape. They just heard a cracking sound the suddenly the whole building came down injuring the seven individuals.
However, it is still unknown of the number of people still trapped in the collapsed building as rescue workers rushed to the scene to secure them. Just some distance from the scene, those who escaped the incident were still in complete shock, unable to believe what just happened. This comes just when the county surveyors raised their concerns over the rising cases of substandard houses around Kisumu city.

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