She’s Not Sick” Father To The Woman Who Claims To Have Infected Over 100 Men With HIV Comes Clean

Father to a woman who has sparked mixed reactions after threatening to expose all the men she has infected with HIV/AIDS then kill herself says his daughter is depressed.

The lady identified as Ruth James claims she has infected more than 100 men with the virus. “I will expose all men’s that I have slept with them. Dying is the best thing I have suffered alot,” she wrote on Facebook.

Her father James Ochieng has disclaimed Ruth’s sentiments, saying she is depressed.

“My daughter mental problems, frustrations, depressions and stress started immediately after the death of her sibling,” Ochieng says.

Ruth’s change of behaviour allegedly began when she was in Form Three at Kuoyo Secondary School in Kisumu County. This was after her younger sister was allegedly run over by a lorry during a campaign trail in 2017.

“After that I started noticing the change of behaviour in my daughter Ruth. She could dream of Christine on several occasions and this resulted in her choice of heavy drinking,” Ochieng added.

She allegedly turned into an alcoholic over time, which has cost her her job. “Since then my daughter’s life has been a hell of chaotic, she needs therapy, counselling or rehabilitation and prayers,” Ochieng narrates.

He is now urging people to stop misjudging Ruth as “some of the allegations she is making are not true and factual and she is not sick at all.”

“I would urge anyone reading her updates not take it as a true picture of reality, what am currently looking at, is how I can really save the life of my daughter,” Ochieng pleads.

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