Shock as MURKOMEN hints that RUTO is regretting being president after coming face-to-face with reality on the ground – Look! He envies RAILA!

Tuesday, April 11, 2023 – President William Ruto may be regretting ‘rigging’ former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to become President in the 2022 General Election.

This was revealed by his close confidant and Transport CS Kipchumba Murkomen.

Speaking during a congregation of African Inland Church (AIC) bishops from Elgeyo Marakwet, Murkomen revealed that Ruto is struggling to run the government and wished he was never the president.

During the event, Murkomen further explained why former Prime Minister Raila Odinga should be thankful he was not the president because what Ruto is going through cannot wish it on anyone, not even his worst enemy.

“I have seen that there is a national discourse about the country being broke.

“That is not true, the Ruto-led government has money but is using all of it to pay debts,” Murkomen appraised Kenyans of the country’s economic situation.

The CS revealed that the wanton borrowing had crippled the country, limiting its recurrent expenditure.

“Some of the loans we are paying cannot be accounted for as there are no records on how the cash was used,” he added.

Murkomen told Raila to be happy that he was not elected as president during the August 9, 2022, General Election.

“Raila should be thankful that he is not the one heading this government as he would not have known how to clean the mess created by the previous administration.

“At least, with Ruto, he knows how to hustle ways to get the country out of this economic hole,” he remarked.

The former senator, who also served as the Senate Majority Leader, argued that instead of Raila leading demonstrations, he should be thankful to God that he was not in charge.


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