SILAS NYACHWANI’s latest post is the reason men should fear women – See what a lady did when her KDF husband was sent to Somali.

By Silas Nyanchwani.

There is a ninja I know. Cool card. Ninja is a decorated soldier. Ninja married a pretty wife.

Ninja was sent on a mission to Somalia to protect us. Ninja was married. Two lovely children. Perfect family.

While away, what do they say about the cat being away and the mouse playing. Wifey used to see other men. Not a man. But other men.

Ninja had paid for wifey’s college fees. While in school, wifey was like a single girl. Available to any man who asked her out.

Ninja came back. Learnt all this. Small small quarrels they broke up.

Girl got a green card. Disappeared to one of those mid-west American states like Oklahoma. Kids were young. Chick married some West African dude with a wide face and an even wider nose.

Ninja always poses with the kids. They are a happy family. Wifey always quoting the bible so hard.

Not sure how the soldier takes it if he still follows her on social media. To see another ninja with a wide face and an even wider nose hold your two children as they are his, so far away, can be devastating.

Gotta feel for the soldier.

To feed a girl. Wife her. School her. Then she cheats on you. Then you divorce. And she marries a man with a wide face, and even wide nose is not something any man can sign up for.

She looks happy and safe with the west African dude in Oklahoma or is Ohio?

Time to gobble lunch with this lass.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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