Special needs education as a vital need in our society today

Special needs education has become a vital need in society today. It is advised by the ministry of education that teachers should be trained in special needs education. The main reason for training teachers in special needs education is because most of the learners with special needs are always neglected, killed, or even abused.

The Kenya Institute of Special Education is the place to be in matters of special education. The institute offers different diploma courses including diploma in education for learners with hearing impairment. Most people who are hearing impaired are mostly viewed as normal people and therefore hard to identify them. The institute offers ways of identifying learners with hearing impairment, assessment methods, and also including them in the regular classroom so that they can be taught by others who are considered “normal”.

Kenya Institute of Special Education is the best place to be since it provides you with adequate knowledge and understanding about special needs. Fees for undertaking a diploma course there are affordable including a good and quiet environment for learning. The diploma course takes about two years and it has the best and qualified lecturers to help you in attaining your future goals. The ministry of education recommends it for special needs training hence easy to get employment after acquiring a diploma certificate from the institute. What’s stopping you from applying for a course here as the way people call it KISE is the best place to be.

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