“That Which Did Not Happen Will Happen” Pres Uhuru’s Remarks That Left Questions Lingering Among Kenyas

President Uhuru made a statement that has left most of the politicians within different political camps scratching their heads on what did he really meant. This is after the president said in his state of nation address that, “what did not happen will happen.” The statement has left a lot of misunderstanding among politicians who have taken to give their views about the meaning of presidents statements.

Most of the politicians have derived their meaning that maybe the president was meaning that the building bridges initiative must pass even though it failed. This is because he made such a statement during his state of nation address while reiterating the importance of the document that he and former prime minister Raila Odinga had brought for constitution change.

The president’s statement raises more questions among Kenyans who were asking themselves could it mean that the president is hesitant that Kenyans are in a constitutional moment?

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