The Real Cost Of Hiring A Helicopter In Kenya

The transport sector in Kenya is booming daily. Just like cars and motorcycles, equally, helicopters can also be hired. Most of them are hired for political functions and weddings.

However, the real cost of hiring a helicopter will leave you tongue-tied. That is why only the elite Kenyans can thrive in that sector.

To hire a chopper for just one hour in Kenya, it will cost you between 150,000 and 170,000 Kenya shillings.

This is calculated from the moment the helicopter is airborne. The high cost is a result of fuel consumption, parkin,g, and landing charges.

For instance, a helicopter consumes close to 30,000 Kenya shillings worth of fuel in just one hour.

Parking fee per night is 10,000 shillings and the landing fee is charged at 1000 Kenya shillings. On the other par,t the insurance alone costs 8 million shillings. Now the big question here is, is the charged fee justifiable?

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