“Tumechoka” Angry Migori County Farmers Now Threatening To Do This

Angry Migori County farmers are now threatening to uproot their sugarcanes from their farmers citing delays in harvesting and no payment from the surrounding companies led by Sony Sugar Company and the Sukuari industry (Ndiwa).

The farmers said that it’s now five good years since planting the current canes which haven’t been harvested, leaving them with no option but only to uproot the sugarcane and plant new crops I.e maize or beans as an alternative.

They claim that they are currently undergoing total poverty status and even taking their children to acquire education at any level has become a nightmare because they used almost all portion of their lands to plant the sugarcane.

They added that even putting food on the table for their families is now becoming almost impossible.

They also alleged that workers from the two companies have now developed a tendency of bribery before harvesting the cane which they a times demand up to Ksh10,000 something they can no longer raise due to their financial status.

“We are suffering because the two companies around us no longer harvest our farm produce, it’s now almost five good years they have not harvested our canes from the farms leaving us with no option but only to uproot them out of our farms.

Paying school fees for our children has become a nightmare because we always only depend on the produce from the sugarcane that is no longer being harvested, the workers from the two companies are now corrupt and they will only plan for harvesting in your farm after bribing the with almost a whooping Ksh10,000.” They told Royal Media Service, news reporter.

They finalized by appealing to both the County government and mostly the National Government to come to their rescue and intervene and help them in any way possible.

What’s your take concerning the matter?

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