We will continue praying whether you like it or not – RUTO’s wife, RACHEL, now tells RAILA

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – First Lady Mama Rachel Ruto has told off Raila Odinga’s Opposition for demanding that they abandon prayers and work for the people.

Since President William Ruto took office last year, he has made Christian prayers an essential part of his administration.

He and his wife, Rachel, have even established a church at State House for monthly prayers and even forces State House staffers to fast and pray every Wednesday for the many problems bedeviling the country, among them the high cost of living, insecurity, lack of food and drought; something that has not gone down well Raila and his allies.

Raila has accused Ruto of hiding behind prayers to avoid facing the reality on the ground.

He has since told the president to stop hoodwinking Kenyans with prayers and get down to work for the people, saying Kenyans won’t eat prayers but real food.

However, speaking in Meru, Rachel told Raila that Ruto will not abandon prayers for anything.

In any case, the First Lady noted that Ruto needs more prayers now more than ever to steady the country through these turbulent times where the country is facing starvation due to prolonged drought, a battered economy that has brought about high cost of living and the spiraling insecurity in the North.

Besides, she told off critics, saying the new regime was propelled to power by prayers.

“We as a people love praying and we got into government through prayers, we can’t say we won’t be praying after all that happened to us,” she said.

The Kenyan DAILY POST.

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