See how RAILA’s ODM reacted to Senate Majority Leader AARON CHERUIYOT’s disturbing remarks about RUTO and cartels? It is quite unfortunate

Tuesday, March 7, 2023 – Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s ODM has castigated Senate Majority Leader Aaron Cheruiyot over his remarks on the Kenyan media.

This is after Cheruiyot urged President William Ruto to find a way of crushing the media.

In a statement, the Kericho Senator claimed that Ruto would succeed in crashing cartels across the country except for the media and banks.

He noted that the two sectors are powerful and connected and hence would be difficult to crush, but urged him to find a way anyway to tame the media and banks. 

“President William Samoei Ruto will succeed in crushing every cartel in the country save for two that are extremely powerful. 1. KE Banks 2. KE Media Both are very powerful, influential, and synergise so well to protect each other’s interests. For public good, a way must be found,” said Cheruiyot.

However, Cheruiyot’s statement has not gone down well with Raila and the Opposition.

In a statement yesterday, the Raila-led party stated that the Kenyan media should be protected from government interference.

The opposition party alleged that the Executive has managed to capture the Judiciary and the Legislature.

“Freedom of the Media must be protected. All the three Estates i.e. the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary have been captured by one Estate. The Fourth Estate seems to be the people’s only hope and source of information. It must be guarded from the sharks,” the party stated.

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