You Risk Being Jailed For 6 Months Or A 10,000 Fine If You’re Found Doing These Critical Things In Nairobi Town

Urinating on the streets, spitting in public, smoking in public and any kind of irrational behavior has prompted the Nairobi county government to sign into law the county public nuisance law of 2021 which aims at ensuring the city is clean and those found flouting these regulations are dealt with firmly.

There have been previous by-laws on the same but little has been effected. According to the new law, any person who on any public street or any public road does the following: spits on any footpath or blows his or her nose other than into a cloth or tissue, defecates or urinates on the streets or any open space, smokes cigarettes in public spaces, allows a dog to dirtyfy the streets without cleaning, rides a motorcycle or motor vehicle in a footpath is ripe up for conviction and imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or a fine of not more than 10,000 shillings or both.

In the act, owners of the property which has hedges, trees that pose a danger to a personal vehicle using a street, should remove, chop within 14 days, failure to which they would be fined 10,000 shillings or jailed for 6 months.

With the new law in place, the big question is, will Nairobians make it? Please leave your comment and share.

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