40 Year Old Man In Police Custody For Stubbing His Wife To Death And Attempting To Commit Suicide

Afraha, Nakuru town east, tenants at the Afraha rented apartment are in utter shock over the incident that happened recently.

Witness accounts that Paul Ochieng a 40 year old man stabbed his wife Njeri Kamande on the left side of the chest, minutes after the couple arrived home at about 10pm.

The suspect then attempted to commit suicide by jumping off the 4th floor and sustained minor injuries. According to the police, at the scene of the murder, they recovered a knife.

Police suspect that the argument that ensued earlier between the two sparked the deadly confrontations.

Sources say the disagreements were common knowledge in the relatively short 2 week period that the couple had stayed in the Afraha apartment.

According to the watchman the wife had hinted him that her husband insisted that she should stay in the house and take care of the kids instead of going to work.

The two children who witnessed the incident were taken in by neighbors. The suspect will be arraigned today after the interrogations by detectives.

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