Can you get herpes from lipstick? Learn how to safely test lipsticks in stores!

So can you really get herpes from trying on lipstick at a store?

Experts suggest yes, a person can contract oral herpes from lipstick. But before you panic, this happens only in rare cases and in multiple uses.

So one person uses it and puts it down and another person picks it up and uses it. Perhaps that’s a way of transmitting [infections].

It has to happen pretty much consecutively. So one person uses it and puts it down and another person picks it up and uses it. Perhaps that’s a way of transmitting it.

Getting herpes from lipstick depends on the environment…

Either way, the viability of the virus mostly depends on the environment and not the person.

The length of time the virus survived on the lipstick would depend on environmental conditions, such as humidity and moisture levels, but it could be there for a couple of hours.

And although the World Health Organization says almost 67 percent of people under the age of 50 suffer from oral herpes,one must not be too scared about it.

3 ways to test lipsticks in stores without putting them on your lips
Since this lawsuit brings the issue of testers and hygiene back to the table, I thought i’d do the research for you and tell you how you can avoid using a trial lipstick. And, of course, how to still take home your favorite shade.

1. Use your fingertip to test

The tip of your finger has the same undertone as your lips. Test it on your fingertip, which has a blue-red undertone that’s closer to your lip. Do one swipe only and if you like the color, buy it. If it’s not enough, you’re better off getting the next shade stronger and using less.

2. Shop on weekdays

Yes, you read that right. Chances of that trial lipstick getting soaked in somebody’s saliva is the highest over the weekend. So if you can, try to shop for lipsticks during the weekdays.

Book an appointment with high-end stores beforehand so they keep separate cleaner samples for you.

3. Don’t touch the pot

Avoid testing anything that comes in an open jar or pot. Most people have already dipped their fingers inside and you don’t want to put that product on you.

So stay away from eyeshadows, lipglosses, cheek tints, and especially open jar lotions.

Always make sure you ask for a clean sample If you cannot get one, use the menus and color sheets as a reference.

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