Dilemma As Ruto Is Set To Resign And Maybe Step Down As DP In 37 Days

As per the constitution, the deputy president William Ruto is supposed to tender in his resignation from Jubilee party and officially join UDA if he is going to be the party’s flag bearer.

According to the people daily, Ruto has only 37 days to resign from the ruling Jubilee party which he is currently a member.

The deadline ask stipulated by the 2021 amendment is on the 26th of March.

However, many are still in dilemma of what will occur next as the deputy president might also tender in his resignation and step down as the Kenyan Dp.

On the other hand, the constitution is not clear on whether the deputy president is supposed to step down a after resignation from the party.

If he does not step down, Dp Ruto will withstand serious backlash from many who have been calling for his resignation.

This interesting development comes barely Months to the general elections, just yesterday many cabinet secretaries and non governmental employees resigned to meet the deadline as they join politics.

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