“My People Forced Me” Vocal Western MP Reveals Hours After Dumping Mudavadi’s ANC to Join Raila’s Azimio Camp Ahead Election

Lurambi Member of Parliament Hon Titus Khamala has today indicated that he had no option but to follow what the people on the ground were told ahead of the upcoming 2022 general election and that is the reason why he has decided to side with the ODM Party Leader Hon Raila Odinga.

According to the report by the star newspaper, the MP has also reported that ANC Party Leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi to join Ruto’s camp without a thorough consultation with the members of his team such as him will continue to cost him his 2022 Political Bid.

Having being his close ally since 2013, the Lurambi Lawmaker added that Mudavadi might have been misled by other allies who were salvation to join the UDA team, forgetting that he had a reputation to safeguard.

“I had my personal reasons why I defected from ANC to ODM. I will not disrespect Mudavadi but look for my votes. I wish him well,” Khamala added.

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