Drama As Dp Ruto Warns Against Demolishing Allegations About Weston Hotel.

Deputy President Of Kenya, His Excellency William Samoei Ruto warns as the state threatens to bring down his multi-millions hotel.

The Weston Hotel is a hotel that has been running for 15 years now. However, the beans have been spilled because of the allegations that Deputy President William samoei Ruto And president Uhuru Kenyatta are no longer on good terms.

In an interview done by the BBC news, Ruto didn’t want to get into finer details of weston Hotel land ownership, He only Mentioned that,”Weston Hotel is a big story”.


The land where Weston hotel is built, is registered under William Samoei Ruto’s Name. The drama arose because of land grabbing-related scandals of which The EACC seeks to sort.

In the Big Four Agenda of the Jubilee government, The duo promised to rule out corruption. Unfortunately, it’s a turn of events when graft-related issues coil around them.

The effects of the alleged demolitions are evident as hundreds of Kenyans will be rendered jobless. This will increase the dependency rates in the current society.

The environment around Weston hotel will also be affected in terms of the demolitions. Therefore the Country should seek better ways to handle this.

The members of the UDA /Hustlers nation have condemned the act with great authority. To them, The demolition allegations are meant to bring Ruto Down. They however accept their “Hustler” and won’t depart from him No matter what.


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